ePAVE is the leading Pavement Preservation product in the market.

ePAVE will not crack unless the underlying structure cracks. ePAVE occasionally gets very fine hairline cracks.

Yes. ePAVE can be installed rapidly and accepts markings after Initial set. It cures fast and opens to traffic in a few hours. It also adheres to asphalt pavement with minimal surface preparation. The application equipment is considerably less expensive than similar industry machines.

ePAVE is manufactured in the USA.

Yes. ePAVE is completely impervious to fuels, oils, and even acids.

It is estimated that the material will last 6 to 10 years depending on traffic.

Because asphalt is easily degraded by UV light, rain, snow, heat, automotive fluids and fluids. Asphalt also produces heat which cause serious environmental condition and public health issues.

Yes! ePAVE can be pigmented to all primary colors and many custom colors embedded within the product.

ePAVE coatings can be textured with traditional concrete finishing tools to give the surface a smooth, broom (light, medium or heavy) or even a tined finish.

ePAVE products are specially formulated with advanced polymers and additives to enhance flexibility so the overlay, which is permanently fused to the pavement, will move with it (seasonal expansion and contraction, flexing from wheel loads, etc.)

Yes, ePAVE products have high skid resistance.
ePAVE I Dry Surface BPN = 72.7
ePAVE I Wet Surface BPN = 68.0
ePAVE II Dry Surface BPN = 74.7
ePAVE II Wet Surface BPN = 72.7

ePAVE is a pavement preservation material that can be applied over new asphalt, old oxidized asphalt, spalled concrete, roller compacted concrete, and properly prepared metal surfaces, as a flexible, durable wearing surface.  It will eliminate asphalt’s greatest problems such as water intrusion, oxidation, and U.V viagra online italia. degradation.

ePAVE is best applied at 1/8 inch thick.

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Yes. ePAVE has NO harmful ingredients to the environment. ePAVE has no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and does not contain any polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH. Once applied on a coal tar to asphalt, it prevents the release of any toxic ingredients to the environment. The product is designed to cap asphalt with a 1/8 inch layer of a cool pavement which eliminates oxidation and U.V. degradation.

Yes. ePAVE is considered a cool pavement. It has a small carbon footprint, reduced smog and slows climate change.

ePAVE is non toxic, improves water quality by lowering surface temperature and cools urban air which in turn reduces smog and heat related illnesses.

Yes. ePAVE reduces UHI. The heat generated by pavement is a problem that contributes significantly to the UHI which in turn contributes to global warming. A higher SRI allows asphalt pavement to be used as the paving material in an environment where the elimination of “heat islands” is an important issue.

Yes. ePAVE has been gone through rigorous year long testing by the Chicago Test Laboratory, CTL. It is also been accepted as a research project at the University of Illinois.

Yes. ePAVE products have a 34 to 40 Solar Reflexivity Index that qualifies for a LEED certification.

The proven longevity, positive environmental impact, ease of use and limitless application make ePAVE the green, cost efficient alternative to conventional asphalt and concrete re-surfacing. In addition, ePAVE provides consistently higher quality and longer lasting pavement at a fraction of the cost of milling and hot mix asphalt

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