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ePave goes on cold, healing old pavement with a minimum of prep, and extends the life of both old and new asphalt and concrete paved surfaces. It cures fast, ready for foot and vehicle traffic in about an hour, keeping closures and delays to a minimum. 

Case Study- Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Cool pavements are a crucial tool in battling extreme heat – especially as they reduce nighttime temperatures, crucial to keeping people healthy and safe. Reflective streets also address climate change at its core by bouncing sunlight back into space. ePAVE may be one of the companies that leads us to a cooler healthier future.

In March 2019, ePAVE installed 3000 square feet in the parking lot of the La Kretz Innovation Campus, in partnership with Climate Resolve, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, LA Department of Water and Power.

The project was run and paid for by the Bureau of Street Services to study different reflective coatings and cool pavement technologies to understand how much each product decreases surface heat.

Also the test project tested different products durability, suitability for high and low traffic zones and friction under wet and dry conditions.

The ePAVE product has been standing strong at the La Kretz Innovation Campus since March 2019.

Articles about the test project with Climate Resolve and ePAVE were written up in Gizmodo and the Los Angeles Times.  

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