ePAVE Commercial/Residential Projects

Put ePAVE to work where people live, work and play. Any paved surface benefits from a cooling, long-lasting protective coat of ePAVE. 

Case Study –  Community Center in El Monte, California

Incorporating clean technology solutions into our public park and civic space projects by using the highest performing cool pavement product from a Los Angeles-based business teaches our children that working together we can all do our part to solve the climate crisis. The EPAVE team has great to work with and we have incredible performance from the product."

ePAVE installed cool pavement technology to a bike training center and playground surface at the Jeff Seymour Family Center in El Monte in partnership with Amigos Delos Rios. The project manager’s goal was to not only help the community decrease the heat island effect but also to promote sustainability and bring cleantech to disadvantaged communities.

The contractor applied two technologies – ePAVE and a competing product. After five years, ePAVE is holding up well with no visible or invisible damage. And more importantly, the surface is 20 degrees cooler than surrounding asphalt while the competing product adjacent to ePAVE in only 5 degrees cooler.


The project at the Jeff Seymour Family Center has been so successful that it led to a repeat customer and many new and exciting test projects coming soon.

Asphalt Roads
Concrete Pavements
Parking lots


Bike Lanes
Helicopter Pads


ePAVE for Design

Put ePAVE to work with your architectural and landscape design teams to create a custom look: ePAVE bonds well to concrete, metal and asphalt, bringing beauty, color and environmental benefits to any project. Our product can match a wide range of colors, and lends itself to application in many decorative designs. When installed, ePAVE can be easily textured with traditional concrete finishing tools to give surfaces a smooth, broomed or tined finish. ePAVE is also LEED** qualified, giving urban planners an innovative way to meet green building standards.