As ePAVE’s Technical Director, Rick Otto is a key driver of product innovation and proprietary development and is responsible for its ongoing testing and refinement programs. For over two decades, his career has spanned a wide range of roles and deep expertise in the pavement industry in areas of practical application and research and development – providing both lab and field perspectives. He is considered one of the pre-eminent experts in the pavement restoration and preservation sector and continues to develop ePAVE’s proprietary technology.

In addition to his role at ePAVE, he is the founder and owner of BCI Polymers, Inc., a North Carolina research and development company specializing in polymer-composite coatings and repair products for asphalt and concrete pavements. Prior to BCI Polymers, Mr. Otto was a general contractor with a civil background who oversaw the construction of multiple roads, subdivisions, buildings and water distribution systems throughout the United States. A native of Denver, Colorado, he studied at the University of Denver.